International Investors & US Tax Considerations

When investing in the USA, understanding the impact of the international taxation system is paramount to ensuring a lucrative experience.  Like most countries, the US taxation system has it’s own nuances and vagaries that make it unique.  Furthermore, these characteristics sometimes differ depending upon which country it is working in tandem with.  For example, some countries operate an international tax treaty with the USA, meaning they recognize each others systems, and have controls in place to stop investors being ‘double-taxed’.  However, some other countries do not have such treaties in place with the USA.

Anybody receiving income in the USA is supposed to report that income to the IRS (the US internal tax authority), and to apply for a ITIN (International Tax Identification Number).  However the rules for taxation can be quite complex depending upon the sort of income being received, and it is often advisable for a foreign national to take advice from a qualified international tax specialist.

Often the cost of hiring an accountant is easily outweighed by the funds that can be saved by the investor due to negotiating the US tax system correctly.

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