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Buy to Let in the USA & Long term rental homes

Long term rentals are generally  from 9 months to 2 years on a residential property. This would be considered a buy to let or a rental home but is still a residential property and therefore the real estate process for purchasing it is the same as that of a vacation / holiday home. 

Some owners of a rental home manage the property themselves but this is not always feasible when the owner is out of the country and therefore it may be a prudent idea and worth peace of mind to have a local representative to keep watch over the property, manage the collection of rent, and keep the property in working order. This is the job of a long term property manager along with finding a renter when it is vacant. From time to time, there can also be issues with a tenant so having a local company that understands the eviction process as well as preventative measures such as tenant qualification and credit reporting is a good idea. 
When looking for a property manager for such a property, a good place to begin is by asking the Realtor for referral to 2 or 3 companies that you can then interview. Questions to consider
How do you find prospective tenants and what is your qualification process?
What are your fees and what is included in this?
How often will I receive updates and statements?
How long is the contract and what are the terms?

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