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Travel and Tourism

Invest USA 360 is the hub for information on buying and investing in the USA  but along with buying, investing, studying in the US is the simple act of travelling to this beautiful land with its diverse opportunities, sites, cultures, and landscapes.  Much of the reason that people from around the world seek US investment and lifestyle is based on the ease and joy of exploring the country so we must spend some time discussing travel / tourism / lifestyle but acknowledging that this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg so to speak as there is so much information to give.

Here are some of the most popular destinatons to move to in the U.S



Is one of the United States’ – and the world’s – most popular vacation spots. Many destinations often claim to offer something for everyone, but Miami offers multiple attractions for everyone: The trendy nightlife of South Beach, the eye candy of the Art Deco district, the bustle of Calle Ocho and the high energy of Little Havana. Many overseas nationals choose Miami to invest in, not just because they enjoy the city for themselves, but also because they recognize the enduring appeal of the city, and want to take advantage of the income opportunities it can provide. 


From quaint tree canopied downtowns to world class attractions, the bustling up and coming high tech, simulation, and medical industries, Central Florida is rapidly becoming a world class business mecca with a strong focus on family and quality of life. The region, including Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park and dozens of towns and cities, each with its own personality comprise the Central Florida region. There is something for everyone and every lifestyle and it is always an extremely popular destination for the purchase of vacation or holiday homes. The real estate market is once again a hot commodity. 


There is a cool sophistication to Gulf Coast living that embraces alfresco dining with salt water breezes, great company, and an international flair. From haute entertainment to flipflops, it all belongs as work and play seamlessly intertwine! 


Often referred to as the gateway to South America, this region embodies it all – from laid back family life, a global business hub, waterfront or golf course living, to the hot and sexy South Beach condos. There is more than meets the eye and a world of possibilities.


From the Panhandle on West to Jacksonville on the East, this region includes our State Capital of Tallahassee, two of the State’s largest Universities and a quaint mix of old Florida and big business! 


Gulf Coast living with idyllic surroundings and sandy beaches never far off.  Known for the area’s arts, shop-ping and culture, one of the busiest international cargo and cruise ports and a gateway to global trade partners. 






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One of the smallest, yet most important parts of California. San Francisco tops the charts with its golden gate bridge, costal front, and popular American football team the 49’ers. This city is a vibrant place with a flavor of it’s own and a hotspot for real estate investors worldwide. 


San Diego recently reacquired its fame with its lavishing zoo, spectacular city life, and it’s beautiful beaches.  In this city many very well known faces reside here for its beautiful weather and comforting surroundings. Living in this city gives the feel of a booming diverse melting pot. 


Santa Cruz has many things to offer along with the rest of California, this city is not as busy as the other metropolitan cities but lifestyle is top of mind. Outdoor life is spectacular and a fantastic property market makes this a very desirable area.


The weather here is warm with cool breezes and this coastal city needs no introduction. From the entertainment industry to a bustling world class business mecca, real estate is always in demand. Whether looking for ocean or mountain view, this diverse city has it all. 





Is a very booming city in the state of Texas.  Dallas is the 9th largest city in the United States and home to more than 5,700 companies including Texas instruments, AT&T, Nokia, and many others. The real estate market is vibrant and with a great climate, this city is full of prospect. 


Austin is a very unique place to live due to its immaculate city life, and its scenic regions. Austin consistently ranks as one of Americas best cities to visit according to Forbes magazine.


Everything is bigger in Texas, this includes its people, culture, and of course its port; the biggest in Texas. This area has a warm climate with a nice breeze due to its coastal access. This is the 4th largest city in United States in population. From recent census,  Houston has 5.95 million citizens, making it the 6th largest city in a metropolitan area.


In the heart of Texas, San Antonio has wonderful waterways and an attractive outdoor, social way of life. It isn’t all play though as San Antonio a very popular city for business.  





Chicago is an international city known for manufacturing and big business. The property market is booming and life is always fast. 





Here in Nevada is one of the most well known areas in the United States. Las Vegas is a city of dreams due to its fantastic night life and unique people. Many people have seen wealth come and go in this city but there is no denying its charm and glamour and the appeal of its real estate market is no exception.


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