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Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman is by her own definition a Jack of all Trades, and Master of some……having started out her working life driving delivery trucks around her home city of Wellington, New Zealand, she then spent a couple of years living in London and exploring the UK, Europe, Canada and USA.

Upon returning to NZ, she felt the societal restriction of the 80’s intensely, so packed up her daughter and husband and emigrated to Australia, where she spent the next 29years creating Wellness Centres and Training Schools within the Beauty and Health Industry, whilst her husband worked offshore in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Taking a years sabbatical in 2010, they travelled around the USA and Canada, and the next 5yrs were spent on a tourist visa enjoying life as an American - which in effect started the journey they now find themselves immersed in…… E2 visa recipients running their Harley Davidson Rental and Tours Franchise located in Pensacola, Florida.

Claire chronicles their American Road Trip, interspersed with loads of local history in her book ‘The Back of Beyond” - and is happy to now share all the trials and tribulations they have discovered on their journey to living life as legal aliens.