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Immigration and EB-5

The United States has a long history of accommodating immigrants from all over the World. Nevertheless, due to the appeal of the “American Dream” the USA is the country that receives the most immigrants in the World. The number of petitions filed annually with USCIS naturally makes the selection process and approval quite fastidious. This way, before making the decision to make the US your new home, whether temporarily or permanently, it’s important to understand which visas you qualify for and which professionals are best able to assist you in reaching your goal with confidence and ease. 

A popular visa type for investors is the EB-5 visa. ‘EB’ denotes ‘Employment Based’ and the visa is issued on the basis of the applicant providing a sizeable investment (minimum $500,000 in under developed areas) into a qualifying US business with the result being the creation of a specific amount of jobs for other US nationals.  There is a limit to the number of EB-5 visas issued each year by the US government.

The process for obtaining and maintaining a US visa can be quite daunting, especially if you have no direct experience in the field.  The most appropriate first step in obtaining a US immigration visa is to consult with a qualified immigration attorney.  You will often find very credible immigration attorneys exhibiting at international investment shows, such as the Investir USA expo series.  A conversation with a qualified professional can often clear up uncertainties, and enable you to select a realistic and achievable method of obtaining a US immigration visa.

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