Why is everyone moving to Doral? Census says it is the fastest growing city in Florida

By: Tatiana Fontenelle

Tucked away in the suburbs just south of Medley and northwest of Miami International Airport, Doral is no longer just an industrial warehouse district known for its never-ending box-truck traffic, pastures filled with grazing cows and posh golf courses.
Dubbed the fastest growing big city in Florida and the 11th fastest in the country by Florida International University’s Metropolitan Center, which analyzed U.S. Census data, the rising city has become a hotspot for international buyers, big businesses and real estate developers, experts say.
According to the study, the suburb’s population rose by 26.1 percent — roughly 12,000 people — from 2010 to 2016, accompanied by fast-paced constructions of new homes. In 2016, the city had about 58,000 residents.
Doral’s central location, as well as other amenities, such as good schools, low crime rate and low property tax rate, make it a very desirable place to live, however, housing affordability and traffic may be a significant challenge for most families and workers.
To learn more about what makes Doral a top destination to foreigners and Americans interested in moving to Florida, read the full story here. 

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