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Why are so many people moving to Oregon?


Why are so many people moving to Oregon?

For the past three years, Oregon has ranked as the most popular destination to move to in the U.S. When you think of America, Oregon is not exactly the first state that comes to mind.

Moving company United Van Lines have released their figures for 2015. From the 123,000 moves they helped with, 70 percent of the domestic moves was to Oregon. The number of people moving there is up 10 percent in the last 6 years. When looking at the top 10 states with the highest inbound movers, 5 of them are west of the Mississippi River. The technology boom has played its part in attracting many people to move to the west coast.

A lifestyle change is partly the reason people are moving to Oregon, lower costs and nice green spaces are very attractive to movers looking for a change. Portland is the largest city in Oregon and finding a home there has become expensive due to the demand. From October 2014 to October 2015 prices have increased by 11% according to the S&P home price index. The current trend appears to be when baby boomers start to approach their retirement age, they move out of colder climates and in to warmer climates.

Another trend is people are moving out of the North-East, New Jersey and New York especially. These states saw the highest number of people moving out in 2015.

Here is a top 10 of inbound and outbound states from United Van Lines.

Inbound; Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Idaho, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, District of Columbia, Texas, Washington.

Outbound: New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Ohio, Kansas, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Maryland. 

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