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We're No. 1: Orlando hits record 72 million visitors in 2017


Orlando received more than 72 million tourists in 2017, an increase of more than 5% over the previous year, which again makes it the most visited destination in America. It is a historic result as it is also the first destination in the US to exceed a record of 70 million annual visitors.

Despite hurricane Irma, all marketing efforts and new visitor experiences across various theme parks kept the interest in Orlando growing. "We also continue our focus on communicating the unique emotional connection that visitors have with Orlando”, said George Aguel, president and CEO of Visit Orlando.

"Orlando's record visitation affirms the city as a leader in the US travel industry," said the president and chief executive of the US Travel Association, Roger Dow.

Orlando reached a number of new milestones in 2017:

Record number of US visitors in participation in conventions: 1.53 million (+ 5.0%);

Record of airline arrivals: Orlando International Airport became the busiest airport in Florida with 44.6 million passengers (+ 6.4%).

Domestic visitation in 2017 grew to a record total of 65.86 million. Internationally, there were 6.15 million visitors.

Vacation Homes: Best time is now!

It is widely known that tourists are choosing holiday homes as their preferred accommodation rather than traditional hotels. In fact, according to a report from Trip Advisor website, 67% of travelers are willing to stay in a vacation home.

Investing in real estate in Orlando is a great idea. After all, in addition to having an entire resort style house set up for you and your family to spend beautiful vacations together, it is possible to make the property available for short term rentals as a vacation home for the 72 million tourists who visit the area, an option that blends the best of an investment property and a vacation home. The rentals are a great way to offset costs and in some cases, generate a positive monthly dollar income stream. 

If you are interested in knowing more about real estate options in Orlando, please contact our team today. We can put you in touch with the top industry experts in the US who will guide you through the process until you get the keys!

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