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Tips for kick-starting your remote career this year

Tips for kick-starting your remote career this year


If you are tired of spending days on end sitting behind a desk, then your way out would be to find an online job. This kind of job guarantees you flexibility and eliminates the need for waking up very early to catch the bus or to beat the crazy traffic to work.

Many people think that getting a breakthrough in the freelancing arena starts and ends after they find a recruiter. That is not always the case. In this post, we will give you a few tips for starting your remote career today. But first:

Is Freelancing the Right Career for Me?

Yes, it is. Today, people working online have increased by over 15 percent from 2015. This is because the online job market seems to have an unquenchable thirst for nearly all skills imaginable. There are people who need web design experts to develop and maintain their websites, others are looking for online writers, others are looking for translators… you name them. That is to say that you will always find someone looking for your special skills on the internet.

Tips for Starting Your Remote Career Today


1.         Specialize in social media

Social media is big and everyone wants a share of it. Companies have realized how important it is to make a name for themselves and utilize on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For this, they need experts who understand social media brand image building as well as marketing techniques to help them in coming up with strong social media pages. If you have the skills to post compelling content without diluting the reputation of a brand, then you can make a living out of that. Prove to the business world that you can help them grow on social media.

2.         Try writing jobs

If you have a good command of the English language or any other international language, why not try your writing skills on iWriter, Textbroker, and any other online writing platform that you know of? Freelance writers make up to $3 for every word they write depending on how skillful they are. You will be assured of making at least $100 every day. The takeaway tip here: Be ready to read widely and cover as many topics as possible in order to broaden your knowledge and make yourself marketable online.

3.         Monetize your passion

Did you know that passion or talent can make you money these days? As a matter of fact, most YouTubers who share their passion and talents on YouTube make the most money in this freelancing business. Do you enjoy petting your dog? If you do, you can make money by sharing with the world videos of different petting ideas that work for you. Do you have a passion for cooking? Starting a cooking blog where you show people how to cook will earn you big in this internet era.

4.         Become a virtual assistant

Companies in most developed countries are constantly looking for virtual assistants to employ. This is in the realization that outsourcing services to developing countries is cheaper and helps businesses to eliminate the need for the hustles that come with managing in-house teams. You can take advantage of this and become a virtual assistant to one or several companies. If you have worked in a busy office for a long time, you will have an easy time starting your remote assistant job. Some of the jobs that you will be doing include replying to emails, sending letters, filing important forms, and many others.

5.         Learn SEO optimization

Just like in social media, companies are working hard to win over the competition for first-page appearance on Google and other search engines. Big and small businesses will not mind paying you to help you  with this if at all you can prove to be experienced enough for the job. It is, therefore, a good idea to learn the basics of SEO works. That will make you very valuable online.

6.         Become a professional reviewer

Reviewing the items that you regularly use can earn you a living online. You can start a reviews website and be reviewing different items so as to help people make purchasing decisions. Let us say you are a chef, for example. You can review different household items, giving people the best review that will lead to them getting the right kitchen tool in the market. Soon enough, you will have huge traffic coming to your website every day. You can then monetize this traffic.

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