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The Real Deal About Real Estate in The Hamptons



Real Estate in the Hamptons is on it's way back in a rebound after the recession but young buyers are not as attracted to the flashiness of  the McMansion building era of the 1990s and early 2000s.  This shift away from "bigger is better" is making it difficult for some owners of ultra-luxury homes to find buyers. 

There is a definite trend away from sprawling estates to more manageable vacation homes that allow the owners to relax without worrying about the upkeep of tennis courts, lawns, gardens, and other amenities. 



Celebrity Matt Lauer's 25-acre Hamptons estate has struggled on the market for over a year and recently had its price slashed by $2 million. The Hamptons market has also found new competition in the popularity of Hudson Valley which is booming with a trendy foodie scene and fabulous hiking. 


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