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The Pros and Cons of Living in CA



If you’re considering a big move and California is on the short list, let’s take a closer look and what makes people make the leap or jump ship.

The weather is usually the main reason people cite for moving to California and with mild winters in most of the state, it’s a big one. The weather allows an active lifestyle during the winter months that many residents of Michigan can only dream about.

While in California, you’re never far from, well, anything. The diversity of landscape allows a beach adventure in the morning and a mountain retreat in the afternoon. Diversity doesn’t stop at just the scenery. It includes activities as well.

From wine-tasting to movie-making and from Disneyland to Ghirardelli Square, there’s always something to do.  If you’re bored in California, it’s because you want to be.

If you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, California may be the place for you. It boasts the lowest obesity rate in the country. In general, Californians can boast of better health when compared to the rest of the country.

Getting out of Dodge

In recent years, there’s been an exodus from California. It’s beautiful, but very crowded. The significant population is a major reason people leave. More people means more traffic, and a traffic jam can be found anywhere at any time of day. Increased traffic also means increased air pollution. California has the worst air pollution of any state in the country.

There’s a cost to living in the sunshine: cost of living, that is. For example, living in Los Angeles is 84% more expensive than Indianapolis. If you’re just starting out—as an employee or as an investor—the higher salaries available to you or your tenants in California may not keep up with the living expenses.

The beauty and sunshine of California may be outweighed by an increased risk of natural disaster. From mudslides to forest fires and earthquakes, natural disasters are a definite drawback.

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