The Potential of a High-Speed Florida Train: Miami to Orlando


In operation since January this year, the BrightLine high-speed Rail Transportation System connects major cities of the state of Florida with comfort and agility. The US-led venture with Dubai's investment in Saudi Arabia began two routes, one on January 13 between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and a more recent one, inaugurated on May 19, connecting Fort Lauderdale to Miami with the prediction that the line connecting Miami to Orlando will be expanded by 2021.

Boosting investments in the state of Florida, Brightline is the first passenger train that has this itinerary, giving greater comfort to locals and tourists at a reduced cost, which can make the routes in less time: a trip between the two points usually takes four hours, but the BrightBlue will travel the route in three hours. The reduction of travel time is possible due to the speed that the means of transport takes on the rails, which varies from 127 km/h to 200 km/h.

As we mentioned, in addition to promoting the real estate market, investments in transportation and expansion of existing lines will connect Florida's cities and communities more safely and rapidly, stimulating the local economy and improving quality of life of locals and tourists.

The trains are electric nnd hybrid to bio-diesel, which makes them more environmentally friendly, saving resources and giving more intelligence in their energy consumption, with less emission of pollutant. Each Brightline train is equipped with EPA Tier IV engines, known to be clean and producing low noise.

In addition, this is an alternative to South Florida, which is dominated by cars: in 2016, traffic in the region was ranked fifth in the country, with a congestion rate of 8.7%, which means drivers spend an average of 8.7% of its time stuck in traffic (Los Angeles, the most congested city in the US and around the world, with scores of 12.7%). The company estimates a decrease of 3 million vehicles on the roads per year.

Once fully installed and running, Brightline estimates that it will help remove 3 million private vehicles from local roads, a huge environmental and logistical advance. This tends to value the real estate properties of the region, which can leverage a greater demand for enterprises in the state.

The locomotives, which can carry 240 people per trip, provide facilities for passengers such as wi-fi, double and quadruple seats, on-board services, smartphone charging outlets, parking lots and guest lounge.

How much does it cost to travel?

On the company's website, real-time rates are displayed online and vary based on demand, day, time, service (Select or Smart), cities and special requests. During the initial period, it is estimated that the costs are on average US $ 10, which can be paid by credit card. Children under 2 years old do not pay.

Pet friendly

For those who have pets, the company allows one lap animal per passenger, but if it is bigger, it is also possible to transport it in the luggage shed of the train, respecting the rules available on the Brightline website.

For boarding, Brightline says arriving 15 minutes early is enough, which makes it quite convenient for passengers.

The seasons

MiamiCentral is located on NW 1st Avenue between NW 3rd Street and NW 8th Street. Connecting with public transport systems available in the area.

The Fort Lauderdale station is located on NW 2nd Avenue between Broward Boulevard and NW 4th Street.

West Palm Beach Station is located between S.Rosemary and S. Quadrille and between Datura Street and Evernia Street. This station connects to Amtrack West Palm Beach and Tri-Rail.

The future Orlando station will be located at Orlando International Airport and will have direct access to theme parks, shopping and tourist attractions.

In addition to the BrightLine, there is also the promise of visionary Elon Musk, the Hyperloop, who intends to connect Orlando and Miami in 26 minutes but is still in the testing phase and not expected to reach the passengers.

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