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The Changing Face of Miami: The contributions of new immigrants


To say Miami is booming right now would be a gross understatement. Words cannot begin to describe the exciting changes that are happening in the vibrant city. What was once known as a mecca for American retirees escaping the cold blasts of northern winters and feisty Cuban immigrants, is evolving by the day. The changing face of Miami is because immigrants are flocking to the city for the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Why is that so exciting? Well, these new immigrants bring new cultures into the already-diverse communities in and around the city. While the Latin influence remains prominent, and those retirees still bring Yankee sensibility south with them, there is a new influx of immigrants from around the world adding new and exciting flavors to the culture that is Miami.

The Changing Face of Immigrants to Miami

According to statistics recently published by the Miami Herald, the area is home to over 2.3 million immigrants which equals 39% of Miami’s population. Of these immigrants, 220,400 own their own businesses. This makes Miami a land of new opportunities that will continue to attract people from the entire world

As a whole, the new face of Miami is contributing to growing the economy as they spend over $42 billion dollars per year! That’s a huge spend that any city would certainly love to have! That kind of buying power certainly makes people sit up and take notice and wonder where these new, affluent spenders are coming from.

Who’s Immigrating to Miami?

40 years ago, Cubans brought their hot Latin beats and sexy salsa music to Miami. Today, fewer Cubans are coming, but other cultures are adding their own styles to the city.

So, who are the people immigrating to Miami and what do they bring to the table? We will look at the three largest cultural groups who are making their way to her sandy, sunny shores.

Let me start with a statement. The overview below does not imply, by any means, that any particular person is limited to a job or trade based on their nation of origin. This is just a broad overview of how these various groups are shaping the city of Miami and helping it grow.

Caribbean Influences:

Other Caribbean nations than Cuba, primarily those from Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic are coming to Miami. They bring bold Caribbean flavors that fuse with the Cuban culture in an appealing cuisine. In fact, many of these newly arrived families have opened thriving restaurants that attract people of all colors and cultures to experience the cuisine and drinks.

These warm and friendly people enhance the culture around Miami with their warm and welcoming personalities. They work hard and provide much-needed labor in virtually every industry. They are welcomed by all, thanks to their big personalities and even bigger hearts.

Middle Eastern Influences:

Miami is a hot spot for Middle eastern immigrants particularly from Turkey, Lebanon, and Pakistan. These immigrants bring business acumen and technological skills and put them to use. They are attracted to the because of the chance to invest heavily in real estate opportunities and help to drive job growth while developing real estate empires.

From developing housing to leasing condos, they do millions of dollars of annual business in Miami. The influx of dollars from these business leaders floods Miami with the dollars to continue grow, keep housing values high, and stabilize the economy.

Eastern European Influences:

Eastern Europeans, especially from the former Soviet states, now call Miami “home”. This group of immigrants is especially attracted by the construction and trades jobs that allow them to make a great living. These skilled workers ply blue-collar trades in lucrative careers from transportation to starting their own trades businesses, they help Miami grow and fill vital jobs across many trades.

In addition to trades, many of these immigrants are college educated professionals who have the training and know-how to enter into the high-tech industries that have begun to call Miami home. From scientific research labs to computer app development companies, companies need tech workers. Many of these people are entering the US specifically to answer that call.

The Takeaway

In a time when much of the US seems to have forgotten that almost all of our ancestors once immigrated from somewhere to make a better life, Miami has never forgotten that guiding principle. The city still remains a vibrant place that will welcome the next wave of new immigrants from anywhere in the world, provide them with jobs, and allow them to build their own colorful version of the American Dream.

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