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The Brits are Back, buying vacation homes near Disney


The love affair between British holiday home buyers and Disney area villas in Orlando certainly cooled off for a few years, perhaps not as a result of Orlando falling out of favour but more due to the Great Recession and resulting housing crisis, then difficulty in finding mortgage financing for overseas buyers and then we found ourselves smack in the middle of BREXIT.

As all good love affairs do though, the magic is back and Brits are back to buying and this time, it seems unlikely to do anything but grow from here. Says Justine Assal, Founder of  a USA focused property and immigration portal billed as the hub to buy, invest, and live in the USA “We have seen an unbelievable recovery in the real estate market in Central Florida over the past few years, above pre-recession prices in some areas and the vacation home market has been growing stronger by the month with Brazilians, Colombians, Scandinavians and other vacationers buying en masse, the Brits were just holding back with fears of BREXIT and a relatively soft GBP against the USD.” Justine continues “The appeal of a hot real estate market, more available mortgages and a stable, if not overly appealing exchange rate seems to have woken the British market back up and they are back to buying”

“It makes sense because while Brits have always been the biggest nationality representing holiday home buyers around Disney and while they are here in record numbers on vacation, they were not buying and the prices are now increasing but they still have a long way to go, if they don’t jump back in now they will just watch the prices go up.”

So is it time to buy? InvestUSA360 believes so and they have put their money where their mouth is with a new FLYBUY360 program worth $3500 to help prospective buyers come over for site inspections. InvestUSA360 is not a real estate broker but works with affiliated partner Florida Property Agent, a Central Florida based Estate Agent. InvestUSA360 are so confident in this market shift that they have just opened partner offices in London, to join their existing offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bogota, Colombia, and of course Orlando.

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