The 10 Best U.S.Cities to Get Rich From Real Estate Investing


 Historically real estate has been one of the best ways of building wealth although the inherant risk scares many a would be investor. This doesn't stop many though as even with the associated risks, there is great gain to be made and with sound knowledge, patience, and some luck, real estate investing can make a lot of money. 
It has long been said that the most important factor in real estate is location, location, location. This cannot be overstated as some markets simply do better than others.  Big Pockets has come up with research and an index that helps to measure which states and what markets within them were most likely to provide strong returns for residential real estate investors from 2014-2015. The index accounts for both appreciation and gross rent rates. 
The 10 top markets according to this research are as follows:
Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Miami, Florida
Houston, Texas
To discover the other cities in the report, please access the link.

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