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Tech Giants Are Helping To Drive The Seattle Real Estate Market



The real estate market is certainly not sleepless in Seattle with the skyline dotted with a forest of cranes. The city's transformation is taking it to another level more on par with New York and San Francisco and has recently been named by financial insiders as the top real estate market in the USA (according to a recent report by PwC).

Seattle's rapid and bullish growth is due in part to a robust community of tech employers, educated workforce and vibrant recreational opportunities. This unprecedented boom in building has also been fueled by rapid expansion of Amazon, as the top development market and the number two investment market, behind Salt Lake City.

Seattle isn't just booming with real estate, it is a top 5 culinary market and home to the top rated microbreweries. 93% of local residents live within walking distance to a park and the greater Seattle area was one of eight regions representing half of all suburb office buildings completed in the last year.

People are flocking to this cool city and homegrown tech giants including Microsoft and Amazon along with over 100 out of area tech companies  have established engineering posts in Seattle. 12% of workers are employed in STEM industries job and it's creative juices are flowing with new ideas as 6.63 patents per 1000 residents are awarded annually. 

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