State and Federal. Try to remember it is the United States of America


In the UK we think of America as being well one big country but in reality it is federal republic made up of fifty states, a federal district, five major territories and various minor islands in the Pacific and Caribbean Sea.

The thing to remember is that while many of the States share similar laws it is not automatic that things that are legal in one state will be legal in all the other states. This can range from fairly innocuous things like retail opening hours to more serious things like gun ownership and the legal age of consent. Then there are federal laws too, these often cause most debate here as the States will often challenge these laws if they don’t think they are right for their State. More recently heated discussions about gender specific bathroom signage in schools was in the courts filled the newspapers and all over the TV.

Things like driving licenses for example are issued by each state rather than the federal government. Although the licenses are valid in each and every state, if you move permanently from one state to another then you do have to register in the new state and pay for a license that is for that state.

Simply put, try to image a “State”, in America is considered to be an independent entity that can declare its own constitution, based on the republican principles and government. They work around three branches, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Each State can elect its own Governor and elected representatives. Think of it a bit like the way that the UK Government (US Federal) has certain national responsibilities and County Councils (US States) have regional responsibilities. It’s not spot on but it might be clearer to think of it those terms. The major difference is in scale and how much residents of each State fervently believesin their States independence. There is often a fear of Federal interference, that the Federal government has to be controlled and its powers kept in check. The States never forget that they were oppressed before by a tyrannical government from afar, (Yes that was us) and they do not intend to let that happen again, even if it is made up of their own countrymen.

Floridians are very proud of their state and Michigan’s are the same about theirs.  The other thing to know is that Americans are true patriots. They are very sensitive of their flag, the way it’s treated and the respect that is shown to their Armed forces, Emergency services and those that have served.

By Drew Denby Really Direct Marketing LLC  

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