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South Florida Changes Their Outlook On Amenities


Times are changing, not only is society changing the expectations they have for the housing communities, but SFL real estate is taking note and making the changes people want to see.

Many individuals in the housing industry have realized the importance of modern amenities needs to include more than just water and gardening.  People want space for their furry friends just as much as a place to do their laundry.  With the rising population of millenials and pet owners, it’s become a must for many real estate hubs to change their direction when it comes to these important amenities

Real estate in Florida was once very cut and dry, the same few benefits were common no matter where you were looking to settle down.  But with the rise of the younger generation staying around the new metro hubs in the area, it’s become a must for South Florida real estate.

Luckily for many people, the real estate has already started to make these changes before the demand for pet amenities has reached an all time peak.

In this article we want to focus on the sense of community that has been created because of the pet amenity craze that has taken a hold of SFL real estate. This change has continued to make a huge difference that is seriously noticeable. With the modern direction in SWL communities, it’s no wonder we’re seeing these communities seem to catch up with bigger city hubs across the nation.

How This Builds Modern Community

Many new places have made pets apart of the normal lifestyle, almost as if it was expected.  Because of this change many apartment buildings now focus on creating clean surroundings for sidewalks, dog parks, and even extra boutique places aimed towards pet grooming and vets.

This has made the switch in this new direction very encouraging for those who want to stay in a popular area with their furry pets. This new norm has created a ripple effect into the community, not only bringing people together, but also setting an example of what a clean community should look like.

Some local restaurants in these areas have even started trends that encourage pet owners to bring their friends down to hang out outside with healthy dog treats and free bowls of water for their pups.

This change in pet amenities has brought together many communities in the SFL real estate industry. It’s made a big change that even non-pet owners appreciate due to the clean streets and sidewalks that make this all possible. 

Like we mentioned above, this craze isn’t new. We see many pet friendly living communities in larger metro hubs around America, but this modern lifestyle switch has greatly influenced the housing and apartment markets in Florida, more than one might think. These trends are here to stay and overall greatly influenced the surrounding area, bringing everyone together in a very positive way that makes a huge difference.

Many tight knit communities in Florida have been against these modern changes due to the problems that could occur with any change, but while businesses and real estate flourishes in previously dead zone areas of the state, many people seem to be changing their outlook when it comes to allowing pets to be an amenity that is now expected.

Future Trends

Overall, the trends are changing, more and more people are standing behind the changing climate of real estate to better communities and to allow more diverse individuals into the community with the furry friends that make them happiest in life. This has made a path clear for future changes as well. More than just pets.

There are more changes coming in SFL real estate, more changes that are constantly bringing in a younger crowd that want to create unique businesses that flourish in the community.  This positive change brings so much richness to the community that is unique to the area and you can’t find it anywhere else.

This makes us wonder what is around the corner for market trends in the future. What other changes will make the most out of the community in the best way possible? With the communities getting younger and younger with more modern brands coming to the locations where people are moving, many of the counties in Florida have a very bright future ahead of them. Instead of the limitations that we once experienced in Florida over 5 years ago, times are thankfully changing for the better. 

Maybe part of that has to do with the help of our furry friends, either way, let’s hope these pet friendly amenities lead to bigger and better things!

What other kind of modern amenities do you want to see in South Florida?

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