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Riding Out a Hurricane in a High Rise?


In a very active hurricane season, Miami residents who live in high rises are asking themselves where to go and whether it's safe to stay. New building codes that most of the new and modern high rises conform to, make the buildings safe in winds of up to 175 mph but many of these new buildings are also located in areas prone to storm surges and maybe under forced evacuation anyway. 

The whole landscape of Miami construction has completely changed since the days of Hurricane Andrew with 42,890 condos having been built since 2002 and another 9.098 currently under construction. Approximately 64% of these new high rise condos are in the downtown, Brickell area.

It is estimated that a hurricane similar size and impact to that of Andrew would result in present day losses of nearly $50 billion, compared to that of $15.1 billion in 1992 when Andrew devasted the region. 


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