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Precious tips for those who want to immigrate to the US


Because of the political and economic instability in various countries, the number of people interested in living abroad grows more and more. However, this decision must be made carefully since moving to another country also means acquiring a new life style.

Many reasons motivate the idea of moving to the U.S., like a better quality of life, better schools for children and better opportunities. However, to have a permission to live in the U.S. is a decisive factor to be considered before moving.

That is why this is a decision that must be made cautiously. Hence comes up the question: what should I know in order to move to the U.S.?

Four essential steps for moving and living abroad:

1) Understand what your purpose is

The guiding north for moving must be based on your purpose. The legal process and even the choice of a home will depend upon the motivation of your purpose. So, ponder your purposes and, of course, the consequences for the people involved, mainly if all the family is going to move with you.

2) Permission to live in the U.S.

One cannot talk about moving to the U.S. without talking about the Green Card. There are some permit options available, such as:

I) Extraordinary skills: people skilled in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.

II) Company transference: a form that is also filled out by the employer when there is a necessity to transfer his or her employee.

III) Sponsoring by a relative: a form that is filled out by the relative living in the U.S.

IV) Investor: there are a few types of permits for investors. The EB-5 Visa is for entrepreneurs that have made an investment superior to U$ 500.000 that creates ten permanent job positions for at least two years. For lesser investments, there is the E-2 Visa, but only for those who have an European citizenship.

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3) Choose the region where you are going to live in

If you intend to live in Orlando with your whole family and you have children in school age, take into consideration the neighborhoods with the best schools. If your purpose is to have more life quality and to experience more deeply the American way of life, choose quieter residential neighborhoods.

4) Find a good Real Estate Broker

The purchase of a property in the U.S. has a legal process that differs from the Brazilian one. So, it is important to have monitoring by a specialized real estate broker with recognized credentials and experience. With this broker, you are going to choose the house that mostly fits your investment profile.

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