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Orlando Keeps Growing!


Forever Expanding

That’s right, of the 30 largest regions Orlando is looking to be the fastest growing city according to figures released from the U.S Census Bureau. From July 2014 to 2015 around 166 people moved to the city on a daily basis! The total population growth increased 2.6 percent to figures of 2,387,138. For 2015, Orlando also ranked number one for job growth in 2015 employing 52,200 people within a 12 month period.

The four counties within Orlando (Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole) have experienced above average growth. Osceola and Lake Counties ranked 18th and 40th in the top 50 fastest-growing counties. Orange County saw the greatest absolute gain, 31,631 people moved here adding more residents than any other county in Florida.

From 2010, Orlando has experienced significant population growth. The net gain of residents up to 2015 has been 252,733 (which included me).  Over 40 percent of the 252,733 can be attributed to domestic migration and 34 percent to international migration. 24 percent of this population growth can be concluded to natural increase, expanding families etc.

This large, net migration does show a very strong sign of economic health because people are moving to locations where there is a strong job market and economic security.

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