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Orlando is Number 1 in Apartment Building Sales


Fantastic news for investors who have rental properties in Orlando. The region is now number 1 in the country for real estate firms looking to invest in apartment building according to a recent survey from National Apartment Association and Realpage. 

Rent is going up by almost 5 percent a year now, with increases of more than 4 percent for three full years which isn't such great news if you are a renter but music to the ears of  real estate investors.

Orlando is growing at a rapid pace and adding new plenty of new jobs in a variety of industries including life sciences, high tech, and a number of new and vibrant industry clusters to go with it's exploding  population growth. This all results in a hot real estate market and rental occupancy. 

It is appaerent through-out the city where new apartment buildings are popping up all over and occupancy in Orlando stands at 96.5 percent while the U.S. average is 95.5 percent. Market Momentum's most recent survey states that Orlando has over 13,200 units under construction with approximately 219,900 units currently available. 

Orlando is increasingly becoming more attractive to real estate investors and with strong market data such as this, the trend appears that it will continue.

This year, a record-breaking 609 businesses earned the top score, up from 517 last year. In total, 947 companies and law firms were officially rated, up from 887 last year.

The average score for companies and law firms based in Florida is 90 percent. Winn-Dixie and ADT got the lowest scores in Florida, at 45.

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