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Miami for Lunch? Brightline Express gets you there in under 3 Hours!!


HSR To Miami!

Ever wondered how to get from Orlando to Miami by a method of transportation faster than driving and with less hassle than flying?

Brightline is set to launch summer 2017 and is currently under construction. This leap forward for transportation in Florida is the only railway project in the US for the past century to be privately funded.

The main goal for the express train is to travel from Miami to Orlando whilst making stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

The route is 235 miles long, it's not high-speed rail so expect speeds to range between 79mph to 125 mph, which is still quick. Travelling time from Miami to Fort Lauderdale is set to be under 30 minutes, less than an hour to West Palm Beach and to Orlando in three hours.

Siemens have the task of manufacturing the trains and are confident that on a monthly basis, production of four passenger trains and locomotives can be achieved. The idea behind the interior design of the trains is ‘superiority’.

Little features such as wide aisles so wheelchair users, strollers can freely move from one end of the train to another.

Trains are equipped with free Wi-Fi and power outlets for electronics. The large windows provides a light filled area giving passengers a very open feel.

A key factor in designing the carriages was to insulate the carriages to try and combat the Floridian heat, it can be intense in summer.

The launch date is expected to be in summer 2017 with trains operating between Miami and West Palm Beach, trains going to and from Orlando is estimated to be ready towards the end of 2018. 

Have a look at the progress so far in Miami.


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