Keeping Austin Weird


Keeping Austin Weird

This quirky Texas city has something for everyone—especially for those who are a little...different.

So, you’re planning a trip to Texas, and at the top of your must-do lists are “Buy a pair of cowboy boots”, “Eat a big, juicy steak”, and…”See the world’s largest urban bat population”?! Okay, maybe seeing more than one million bats fly past you at sunset wasn’t originally on your Texas bucket list, but if you’re looking for off-the-beaten path entertainment in the Lone Star State, Austin is definitely the place for you.

You might not expect the state capital to pride itself on being, well, a little strange, but the commonly-expressed motto for this city of just under 900,000 residents is actually “Keep Austin Weird”. (There’s even an entire celebration dedicated to celebrating its quirkiness!)

Austin is also known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”, as evidenced by the annual SxSW (short for “South by Southwest”) conference and festival that showcases independent films, original music, and cutting-edge technologies. Just how big is this event? Let’s just say that this year’s anticipated 90,000 attendees will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear a truly commanding speaker for the keynote address!

It’s also not surprising that Austin would be all-in when it comes to entertainment trends that are sweeping the nation. The Escape Game and other “crack the code” live experiences are one such trend that is popping up in cities around the U.S. Billed as a “life-sized board game”, you and a group of friends (or strangers, if you like) work together to solve puzzles that allow you to—you guessed it—escape a room configured to look like a bank vault, the California Gold Rush, and more.

So go ahead and put on those cowboy boots, bite into that steak, and check out why different is better in Austin!

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