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Is the Florida Property Market still a Good Investment?


I sat down at my desk the other day to deal with a stack of emails that seemed to have gotten away from me. I hate when that happens but I’m mid-point with our E2 visa renewal right now so I have been a bit distracted of late.  Anyway amongst the emails, were two from private coaching clients of mine. We have been working on some sales follow-up training and they had both seen improvements in their businesses. What was interesting was how differently they responded to their results. One of them was really excited, keen to take the bull by the horns and push ahead with the second part of our plans. The second was happy about his results but was nervous that it was all going to be too much for them and they would not be able to deal with the influx without giving up more of their family time which was really precious to them. Obviously they did not have the same measure of success and after a little tweaking I was able to find a solution for the second client so they are now able to get to enjoy success, but on their own terms.  But what has that got to do with whether the Florida property market is still a good investment. Let me explain.

The success of any action should only ever be measured against how close you get to your desired goal. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Start with the end in mind” well property investing is another area where this phrase should be remembered. Why are you buying the property in question? Is it for future growth potential as you spot an improving area with signs of urban regeneration or maybe it’s just a quick flip for a capital raising exercise? Maybe it’s a home for retirement in the future say ten years off, the appeal of rental income in the meantime makes you think that it could even be self-funding.

You really should “Start with the end in mind”, and then wherever possible work backwards.  Do your research, check out the Florida Realtors website for a stack of information. Use this information to make sure that goal is achievable. Try not to be swayed with schemes and plans that hit the internet and TV. Suggestions that you can become a Flipping expert and build up a portfolio of property without any risk to you is at best naïve and at worst simply daft. Don’t fall for it. If you are looking for a dynamic investment environment where you can see a return on your investment look at the growth areas of Florida but don’t just think Disney, another resort style investment opportunity is “Margaretville resorts” founded by Jimmy Buffet. As a Brit I had never heard of the guy before we came to live in Florida but man o man he is beloved and followed by his “Parrot heads”, for his tropical laidback lifestyle and Trop Rock music. In recent months they have opened timeshare condos in Hollywood, Fort Myers and Orlando Florida with many more on the horizon.

But don’t forget the west coast of Florida. Over here on gulf coast in Sarasota County developments have come off the coattails of MLB sports franchise expansions. In North Port FL the Atlanta Braves Baseball team have announced that they are building their new Spring Training ground. This has revitalized the new Home developments at West Villages North Port and the new complex includes a range of sports facilities valued over $517 Million. Finally in Charlotte County Allegiant Air made the announcement that they are building the Sunseeker Resort a 20 acre site with nine condominium towers and ten restaurants and bars. Initially bringing over 500 construction jobs to the area it is expected to draw over 300,000 people every year.

When you find organizations willing to invest this sort of money in an area, then you’ve got to imagine they know something you don’t. So even if you don’t want to invest in an off plan development of theirs it is worth remembering that the profile of the area will be raised and visitors will be looking for other vacation accommodation options too. 

By Drew Denby

Really Direct Marketing LLC

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