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International Students Having Parents Buy U.S. Houses Instead of Living in Dorms


Studying in the U.S. is ever popular for international students and although tuition isn't cheap, many parents see great benefit in sending their kids here. Unlike a generation ago when many of these kids moved into dorms on campus, it is becoming more popular for parents to buy luxury condominiums for their kids to live in while studying. 

The number of international students is increased by 7.1%  in the 2015-2016 school year according to the 2016 Open Doors Report, released by the Institute of International Education.

China tops the list of international students but India and Saudi Arabia are both growing rapidly in the number of students currently enrolled in the U.S. school system. Between these three countries, they represent approximately 53% of the international students in the U.S. 

Residential developers are certainly taking note of this and in major cities through-out the U.S. including Miami, NYC, and Boston, luxury apartments for student housing are being built with this demographic in mind. 


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