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Houston Start Up Launches New Commercial Real Estate Platform Like Yelp


A commercial real estate platform that allows office tenants to post Yelp style reviews about their rental space was recently launched by Tenavox, an Austin based start up firm. The site was launched last week including information on over 3000 commercial properties in the Bayou City. It is expected to have over 10,000 properties by end of 2017 with reviews, ratings, values and rankings reports the 15 employee company. 


Josh Feinberg, Marissa Limsiaco, Jon Quatro Von-Tovadar,  and Rob Pearson cofounded the company in 2016 as a platform to provide small business owners with search for space, compare rent, and read reviews. The site has started in the Houston market but intends to launch Austin by October with sites for most top Texas markets by early 2018.


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