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Going Beyond Mickey Mouse & Muggles On Your Next Trip To Orlando


There are some apps that are essential for any overseas trip , such as a good photo app, a translator, a currency converter or ones that allow you to stay connected with family &  friends. For 2018 there is a new app that you definitely need if you are planning your first or next trip to Orlando and want to look beyond the big theme parks: Orlando Attractions

Of course, Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World and the other parks are one of the main reasons people choose Orlando for a vacation, often in luxury holiday villas near the Disney area -  but the entire region has so much more to offer tourists, with countless attractions for every type of audience. 

According to the Orlando Attraction app creator and travel advisor Kevin Chippindale," If you spend 20 minutes on the app you will discover a ton of places an easy drive from Orlando that can add some fun new elements to your visit."

Chippindale, a native of the UK, who moved to the USA in 1986 to work at EPCOT and who’s in his 30th year promoting his adopted city, feels the app was long overdue. “Our original website “ is 15 years old now, so this was the next natural step. It’s essentially an extension of that same type of content with some excellent new features. “

Its a comprehensive handheld guide to all the fun Orlando has to offer, the ideal vacation-planning tool including the latest Disney & Universal theme park info and some great ideas for more laid-back destinations that are an easy drive away, along with thrilling eco-adventures, wildlife encounters, and all the very best guided tours. The app also includes Orlando’s pulsating performing arts scene & many cultural events as well as features on local bites and brews. 

“We’re finding that visitors to Orlando are increasingly independent,” Chippindale said. “They’re looking for new experiences apart from Disney theme parks and new places to go try on for size. Orlando is still good value, but the big tickets are getting more expensive. Some folks simply can’t afford wall to wall theme parks, so they’re taking more time to explore - and hopefully that’s where we come in handy.”

Chippindale also recommends visitors download the official Disney and Universal apps, as they are great for providing general park information and even though they are not much help when it comes to anything else in Orlando. “The local information contained in our app is much more diverse, and you can watch highlight videos from lots of different Orlando’s attractions you might not have otherwise considered.”

To download the Orlando Attractions app you can either go to the Google Play store or iOS AppStore.

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