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Getting A Visa? Here Is Why You Should Consider the EB-5


As a foreign investor in the US, you may want to be able to spend a significant amount of time building, growing, and monitoring your investment. While there are a number of ways to secure that permission, one of the most popular is the EB-5 visa.
What makes the EB-5 so desirable for foreign investors (and their families)? See for yourself:
-The EB-5 leads to permanent residence, as it is an immigrant visa.
-Unlike the E-2 visa, there are no concerns over visa renewals being denied, especially if the business is struggling.
-There is no requirement to leave the US periodically.
-EB-5 investors can live in any state they choose—there is no requirement that they must manage the investment business directly.
-EB-5 investors may also work for another employer, retire, or operate their own business.
-As an EB-5 visa holder, you and your family members are able to enjoy all of the advantages conferred by permanent   residency; your children can attend school, are eligible for in-state tuition at public universities, and they and your spouse can work as they so choose.
Of course, the requirements for EB-5 investors are considerably different from other visas, particularly the E-2. For example, the minimum investment for the EB-5 is $500,000, compared with $150,000 for the E-2. Additionally, those with an EB-5 visa have to live in the US for at least 180 days every year if they want to avoid applying for re-entry permits; in other words, holding an EB-5 visa equates to establishing permanent residency, including declaring your worldwide income and assets for US tax purposes.
However, if your end goal is not only to make an investment in but also to become a permanent resident of the United States, the EB-5 visa is well worth the effort.

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