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Florida Shines for International Students


Florida Shines for International Students

In the charged political aftermath of the recent U.S. presidential election, it may seem that the country is closing its doors to foreign entry, but there are reasons to remain cautiously optimistic.

Although the United States are becoming stricter in the issuing of student visas, more than 975,000 students were admitted last year. Also encouraging is the American Council on Education’s promise to work with President-Elect Trump as he faces the challenge of increasing access to education while reducing tuition costs. This chance to tackle those issues may create not only more educational opportunities for students, but also a potentially more cost-effective education for all students.

Many students do not consider destination when making education decisions, but creating a win-win between study options and climate isn’t such a bad idea. Beaches, theme parks, and the Everglades are not all that Florida has to offer. It is also an ideal destination for students. Florida hosts more than 140 colleges, from small to very large and everything in between, in a variety of environments ranging from rural to urban.

Florida currently ranks #7 in the United States as a study destination for international students, with more than 39,000 foreign students. The University of Florida leads with more than 6,000 and is followed by the University of South Florida and the University of Miami.

When choosing where to study, take time to thoroughly research an institution matching your background and goals. Florida’s economy is based on tourism, agriculture and international trade which translates into internships and programs in business management, culinary arts, and hospitality, among others.

Also, Florida is the southeastern point of the United States, making it the location handling 40% of the US exports to Latin America. Students interested in international trade will find colleges with programs focused on trade, international business and international trade.

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