Discover the best and most sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando


Many foreigners who visit Disney Parks are not satisfied with just a vacation season in Orlando, this dissatisfaction is due to the great enchanting power that this paradise of fantasy and shopping has to offer. Thus, many tourists seek to buy a house in Orlando to take advantage of any possibility of rest that they may have in their home countries. Other people simply fall in love with Orlando and decide to settle down and live in this city.

It does not matter the buyer profile you may have, there is always an ideal option for you. To find the perfect real estate in Orlando, you need to consider the neighborhood or the city where the property is located - and check if it is possible to buy a home for seasonal rental or for a fixed residence. With that in mind, we have made a guide with some of the best and most sought-after neighborhoods to live in Orlando. Check the suggestions below:

Dr. Phillips

Near International Drive, Dr. Phillips is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods at the moment with homes for sale in Orlando. The region has great restaurants, famous shops and a high standard of living. The security of this neighborhood is one of the best in the city, as well as the level of schools; Dr. Phillips High School is among the most traditional in Orlando. Being in a very well-located neighborhood, the cost of living is high, but for anyone looking for excellence in quality of routine and living, it is the ideal place to live in Orlando.

Reunion Resort

The Reunion condominium is located in a region known as Four Corners, because it is located among four different counties, where you can find most condominiums with houses for seasonal rental in Orlando. Reunion Resort is one of the best neighborhoods for anyone who is focused on buying vacation home in Orlando. This is because it is extremely close to the parks (about 10 minutes), International Drive and the Outlets. It is a high standard neighborhood, with apartments and houses with complete infrastructure such as spa, aquatic complex, tennis courts, restaurants, snack bars and many other facilities.


This is a relatively new neighborhood in Orlando and, besides being one of the most luxurious, it is perfect for those seeking tranquility and comfort to live in Orlando. Windermere is further away from the city, with approximately 3,000 inhabitants in its area. The standard of living, considering safety and schools, is impeccable. That's why the place is the first choice of celebrities who buy homes in Orlando. Soccer player Kaká, for example, has recently chosen Windermere as a residence, just as golfer Tiger Woods did a few years ago. Among all the neighborhoods of Orlando, this is definitely the most outstanding in terms of refinement, with its luxurious cars and its millionaire mansions, worthy of Hollywood films.

Winter Park

Winter Park is not a neighborhood, but a city "linked" to Orlando - which may justify the fact that it is quite different from all the other regions already mentioned. It is a place with European style, suitable for those who like to walk through shops, museums, tree-lined streets and fine dining restaurants or cafes - something that is not as possible to be done in other locations in Orlando. It is about 10 minutes from Downtown Orlando and a bit further away from the tourist circuit. The place was recently discovered by tourists, but its existence is quite old. The city also has two renowned Florida colleges: Full Sail, a reference in animation and film, and Rollins College, which has one of the most highly regarded MBA programs in the United States.


Like Winter Park, Celebration is a city very close to Orlando, more precisely Kissimmee. It is a very pleasant and intimate region, because of its small size. Because it was designed by Disney, as a city of the future, it has a very particular architecture; All the houses have the American flag on display, the streets are extremely clean and even the trees and grass of the houses have their standardized cut. Celebration is a fairly quiet place, but on holidays it often attracts many tourists. Their homes and apartments are highly valued and residential taxes are probably the highest in the region. For anyone looking for something with the Disney quality seal, Celebration is a place to consider.

Hunters Creek

Hunters Creek is located halfway between Kissimmee and the tourist center of International Drive. The neighborhood, which is very well located, is much sought after by both locals and foreigners for having a very large diversity of options, homes for sale in Orlando and high standard apartments at more affordable prices. The region's schools are well-evaluated and its easy access is a major attraction.


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