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Colombo Hurd: Do you qualify for an E-2 visa?


The E-2 Visa for investors, is one path that allows qualifying entrepreneurs to restart life legally in the United States. It can only be acquired by citizens of countries included in the Trade Treaty (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation).

The initial investment must be proven to be a significant proportion of the total investment, that is, more than half of the total value of the company if it is a new business. Depending on factors like your country of nationality, the scope of your investments in U.S. enterprises, and the extent to which you control those enterprises, you could be eligible to obtain an E-2 visa through the help of an Immigration attorney.

InvestUSA360 seeks out esteemed professionals in each industry and nowhere is this more important than in the area of immigration. Allow us to introduce you the esteemed attorneys at Colombo Hurd Immigration & Business Attorneys through this informative article addressing the main questions and answers about E-2 Visas. Check the full article on their website to see if you qualify for this visa.   


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