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Canadians Buying Florida Real Estate


Some things in life seem certain and Canadians escaping cold winters to come and spend the winter months frolicking in the Florida sunshine is one of them. From September to March each year, many Canadians trade their coats, scarves, gloves and snow boots for a pair of flip flops and shorts with visits to Orlando, Miami, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, the panhandle and just about every other city in the state. Whether for the winter or for a week, less than 3 hours flying time from Toronto to Orlando and reasonable flight fares make this winter migration to the sun a no brainer for many.

While not everyone coming from Canada is looking to buy a vacation home, In 2017 Canadian real estate buyers purchased a whopping $5.3 billion of Florida property (FloridaRealtors 2017 Profile of International Residential Real Estate Activity in Florida )  and were once again Florida’ top International real estate buyers representing 22% of the international buying activity. According to Florida Realtors “Stability in the value of the Canadian dollar compared to the U.S. dollar in 2016–2017 after weakening in 2014–2015 and the modest price appreciation in the United States compared to Canada made a U.S. home purchase more affordable for Canadians. The equity gained from the strong price growth in Canada’s home prices may also have provided a source of cash for homeowners who sold their Canadian property.”

One thing that is unlikely to change in the coming years is the ease and relative affordability of reaching Florida and owning a vacation home. Whether beachfront, close to Disney, on a river or lake, off the beaten path, or right in the middle of a bustling city, there are options to suit everyone. Property types range to suit with some buyers looking for a condo, single family home, or townhome, it really just depends on budget and lifestyle needs. Some buyers want a place that they can buy a car and leave it in the garage with the home shut in between their visits. Others may look to put the home in a short term rental program to help offset the running costs. For those who don’t want to concern themselves with upkeep or really anything except enjoying the villa, perhaps a resort style condo or condotel is a good fit. The sky is the limit (along with budget) and the process is straight-forward.

Many Canadians are able to get financing through their own banks which helps to make the purchase of a vacation home even more affordable. In some cases, an equity release for a 25-30% deposit on the vacation home can be paired with a U.S. based mortgage to allow for the purchase.

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