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Buying an apartment in Miami or Orlando?


Where is it better to invest in real estate and buy an apartment? Miami or Orlando? Florida is being the most sought-after destination among Brazilians who want to invest abroad. With the unstable situation of real estate and the Brazilian economy, buying a property in Miami or Orlando has become one of the best options for investing in real estate overseas. Anyone who starts searching for apartments and houses in Florida, soon realizes that with the value of an apartment in Sao Paulo, you can buy a much better and larger home in a beautiful gated community in Orlando, or a beautiful apartment facing the beach in Miami. Brazilians have been dominating the real estate market in Florida and they have had a very good return on their investments. As Miami and Orlando are two regions with a very strong tourism and an above average quality of life with a well-developed commercial and financial area, buying a property ends up being a great investment for those who want to live there, to have a house to spend their vacations, to rent it to someone who lives in one of these cities or even to rent by season to tourists, getting an even better return.

But after all, is it better to invest and buy a property in Orlando or Miami? That will depend a lot on the opportunity and on your goal. The city of Orlando is undoubtedly the one that has the cheapest properties because it has many areas available for construction of enterprises and, therefore, the value ends up being more accessible. The city still has huge areas to be explored. So, buying a property in Orlando ends up being the best choice for those who do not have so much money to invest or want to buy several lower value properties. Buying a property in Orlando is also a choice for those who like to invest in homes because the city has several gated communities that are huge and with incredible homes, at lower prices than those we are accustomed to in Brazil. Not to mention that it is a place that is visited all year round because of its amusement parks and Disney, so it is also great for those who want to rent by season because they will surely have their property rented all year round, since the parks guarantee an average occupancy of 80% in rented properties. Because of the many large extensions of land available, real estate in Orlando does not have a valuation as high as in Miami, but it attracts lots of people interested in seasonal rentals. See also how to buy a property in Miami or Orlando.

If you are interested in buying a property in Orlando or Miami, send us an email to because we have a partnership with a company specialized in real estate with headquarters in São Paulo, which offers great opportunities to Brazilians. We will forward your e-mail to them and they will be happy to assist you.

Buying a property in Miami is the number one option for those looking for a property valuation. Being a region with very few land available, the real estate ventures built in Miami are sold in a short period of time and therefore the properties end up having a better valuation. But, on the other hand, the real estate has a higher value and it is necessary to have a bigger investment to buy a good apartment in a good region of Miami. By having few new real estate ventures and being one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world, Miami is a perfect investment for those who expect a good valuation of their properties. Since Miami has a well-developed commercial and business center with international business headquarters, it has a very high demand for companies and executives who rent the apartments by season or for longer periods. From our point of view, investing in a property in Florida, whether Miami or Orlando, is the best and most cost-benefit investment option. Investing in Florida is the next big thing in Brazil, and few people know that it is much easier than it may seem.


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