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Best US Cities To Live In For Finance Workers


The financial sector is one of the best areas to find the highest paying jobs for millenials but even if you are sitting pretty with a great job, it doesn't guarantee that you will be able to make ends meet or even afford rent in many expensive cities through-out the US., an apartment rental website, recently did a study to find the most affordable cities for those working in the finance sector by gathering 2015 Bureau of Labor statistics on job availability compared to the mediam salary for finance and business positions listed in each metro area. 

In the rating and ranking of each metro, rent to income ratio was weighted 25% compared to job density of 75%.


Below, are the finding for  the best cities to live in the US for finance workers.

1. Washington, DC

Median rent: $2,261

Median salary: $87,300

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 102.74

Score: 7.79.


2. San Francisco

Median rent: $3,269

Median salary: $87,480

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 97.06

Score: 6.91


3. Sacramento, California

Median rent: $1,178

Median salary: $69,680

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 80.86

Score: 6.03


4. Denver

Median rent: $1,334

Median salary: $71,670

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 79.54

Score: 5.76


5. Seattle

Median rent: $1,765

Median salary: $75,250

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 79.81

Score: 5.52


6. Richmond, Virginia

Median rent: $998

Median salary: $67,890

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 72.76

Score: 5.41


7. Durham, North Carolina

Median rent: $1,068

Median salary: $67,290

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 69.73

Score: 4.97


8 (TIE). Detroit

Median rent: $528

Median salary: $68,860

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 52.95

Score: 4.87


8 (TIE). Lincoln, Nebraska

Median rent: $635

Median salary: $54,960

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 63.21

Score: 4.87


10. Charlotte, North Carolina

Median rent: $1,096

Median salary: $67,470

Employment per 1,000 jobs: 68.86

Score: 4.85

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