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A Soft Landing Expected In This Real Estate Boom Cycle


Real estate cycles continue to turn with booms and busts every so often. As we are about 5 years into a current boom in the market, often we see issues beginning to arise with over lending or overpriced property becoming more frequent. 

Across the country, and certainly true of Dallas, this doesn't appear to be the case in the current market with lenders are keeping a watchful eye on lending practices and construction is proceeding at what appears to be a sustainable level. The U.S. commercial real estate industry believes that this cycle is different and that current oversight is changing the market and promoting further growth of the property boom, for now at least. 


A survey of many top real estate executives around the USA shows them them calling for "the extension of the current cycle for 2018 and perhaps beyond.

Projections in a recently released Emerging Trends in Real Estate forecast for the next year seem to point to a soft landing of the market cycle rather than showing signs of crashing ends. This is important to real estate investors around the country where property transactions were lower by about 5% in the first half of 2017. And some markets, Dallas included, are seeing new construction starts beginning to slow down. 

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