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9 Tips on Choosing Your Realtor in the US


It is a fact: one of the biggest mistakes foreigners make when buying a home in the US is to assume that they will be subject to the same laws of their countries. It is a common honest mistake. That is why, in order to choose a seasonal property in the USA, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced real estate agent, with recognized credentials and who knows the differences between the two markets.

The first tip is to choose a real estate broker specialized in vacation homes, if you want to also profit from your investment. It is worth remembering that in the US, brokers are like doctors; they receive common basic training and, over the course of their careers, specialize in certain areas. Therefore, your choice will be crucial for you to find the perfect home according to your preferences. Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right real estate agent:

1. Search the possible brokers’ qualifications and business structure checking the various means of communication available: websites, social media, clients’ testimonials etc.;

2. Select at most two or three professionals who you think are the most recommended. Thus, it will be easier for you to analyze who is better than the other.

3. In the United States, there are two types of real estate brokers: the sales associate and the broker. Understand the differences and find out your broker’s qualification;

4. Call them and hold a conversation about simple issues, but, at this time, do not go into details about the desired property. Talk about the buying process, the advantages of investing abroad, tax and tax issues, vacation home performance, etc.;

5. Avoid receiving emails about real estate, as this is enough to characterize the "Procuring Cause" clause. This broker may claim the right over the commission, even if you choose another professional to help you;

6. Remember that, unlike other countries, in the United States, most client-broker relationships grant exclusivity to the real estate agent. Therefore, you will have to choose only one broker you trust;

7. After choosing the best service, tell your broker in detail about your needs and expectations. It is necessary that the good professional has analytical ability, so he will use this to present the most appropriate properties;

8. Discuss with the chosen broker the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each property and try to form your buying preference, according to your priorities - vacation or investment;

9. Begin the negotiation process by listening to your broker’s advice, since practices and customs may vary greatly from one country to another, and often a bad offer can ruin a deal. Closing the deal, your broker will guide you to the closing (the keys and the deed).

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