Qatar Investment Funds Flowing to U.S. Despite Political Unrest


As Qatar continues to have political disagreements and political stand off with its neighbors in the Arabian Gulf, it has turned even more attention to investment in the U.S.

The largest liquefied natural gas export base in the world funds the Qatar Investment Authority, which was created to handle the massive proceeds. The fund is focused on placing a $45 billion investment in U.S. infrastructure, technology, and healthcare, with over half of the investment already placed. 

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt severed ties with the country after accusing the sheikhdom of supporting terrorist groups. Qatar has denied the allegations and despite the unrest, it has not impeded the country's ability to make deals globally as it continues to invest a massive $320 billion portfolio around the world. The QIA is ranked as the 9th largest fund in the world. 



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